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The Muskegon River


  • Chinook Salmon Trips starting early September to late October

  • Fall Steelhead Trips starting mid October until early December

  • Winter Steelhead trips available from December to February

  • The Spring Steelhead run will start late February through May

  • Brown and Rainbow Trout trips available all year round!!

  • Dry fly trout fishing starting mid May until September

  • Smallmouth Bass trips available June until September

The Muskegon River is located 40 minutes north of Grand Rapids, Mi. We are located directly on the river and generally fish between Croton Dam and the city of Newaygo. This is one of the most productive stretches of river this state has to offer. Our homes are on the Muskegon River, where we have fished our entire lives.  The 234-mile river is fruitful in all four of Michigan’s seasons. 


On a good warm spring day you could catch up to 20 Steelhead! When the Steelhead wind down, dry fly fishing gets started!  You can find big Trout eating Mayflies all over the river, and even feasting on your line.  Summer brings the Smallmouth Bass and their top water action; it is not uncommon to hook 30 plus a day!  Then the Salmon take over in the fall, and if you never had a (king) Chinook salmon hit a plug and take off then you haven’t lived.  Then they hit gravel and we will catch them on flies. The Salmon run is magnificent, they will run and jump like no other fish!​

The Big Manistee River

big manistee river.jpg
  • Chinook Salmon Trips Available starting late August well into mid October

  • Skamania Steelhead starting in July until September

  • Fall steelhead trips available starting September until early December

  • Winter Steelhead starting December through February

  • Spring Steelhead starting March through May

  • Brown and Rainbow Trout trips available all year round!!

  • Smallmouth Bass trips available June until September

The Big Manistee River is best in the fall starting at the end of August thru mid October.  Cranking King Capitol is something every fisherman needs to experience several times!  There is also summer steelhead (Skamania) and brown trout that run up from Lake Michigan (holds the world record for Brown Trout). 


When the Salmon hit gravel, they flock in numbers only to be seen in Alaska.  You can almost walk across the river on King Salmon and Coho Salmon. The Big Manistee River is located in northern Michigan. The area we fish is primarily near Wellston, Mesick, and Kaleva.


This river is a beautiful sight to see, beautiful blue water, surrounded by rolling hills and the Manistee National Forrest. The Big Manistee River is a 232 mile river that empties into Lake Michigan at the city of Manistee. The excitement on the river is located just minutes away from the Little River Casino!

The Grand River

grand river michigan.jpg
  • Chinook Salmon/ Coho Salmon / Lake Run Brown Trout/ Steelhead

  • Starting the end of August until early October

  • Fall steelhead starting early October until early December

  • Winter Steelhead starting early December until February

  • Spring Steelhead starting mid February until early April

  • Smallmouth Bass trips available June until September

The Grand River is the longest river in the state of Michigan. At 252 miles long, the Grand River is full of fish. Running through downtown Grand Rapids at the 6th Street Dam can be the best Steelhead fishing this side of Alaska! Spring and fall are the best seasons for the Grand River. 


Enjoy the beautiful view of downtown Grand Rapids, where a bad day on the Grand River is better than most good days on any other river. Summer bass fishing isn’t too bad either. Professional Angler, Nate Wellman has competed in many local bass tournaments on the Grand River; he can get you on all the hot spots.  

Grand River Stream Flow & Height

The Pere Marquette River

pere marquette.jpg
  • Spring Steelhead starting in March through May

  • Summer Trout trips starting in May through August

  • Chinook salmon starting in late August through October

  • Fall Steelhead trips start in late September and go well into December

  • Winter float trips available December through Feburary

The Pere Marquette River or the “PM” is located in northern Michigan near Baldwin. This river is a world renowned blue ribbon trout stream. The main stream PM runs 69 miles through mainly Lake County and the Manistee National forest in northern Michigan.


The Pere Marquette has a flies only section that is just right for great northern Michigan fly fishing. The PM has an awesome Hex Hatch in June that will produce huge Brown Trout!

The White River

white river.jpg
  • Spring Steelhead trips available from March through May

  • Summer trout trips starting May through August

  • Fall Chinook salmon starting September through October

  • Fall Steelhead trips starting in late October through November

The White River flows through central lower Michigan, beginning at the Oxford Swamps winding through Hesperia, Michigan to Whitehall, Michigan. The Hesperia Dam is popular for Steelhead in the spring, Chinook salmon in the fall. The White River is pretty shallow and narrow.  We will mostly wade The White River due to low normal river flows.

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